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Kantoku C79 doujin ‘My Heroines’

February 6, 2011

At C78 artist Kantoku from the circle 5年目の放課後 published the ‘More Check’ and ‘Check Ero 3′ books, for this past Comiket edition, the artist released the ‘My Heroines’ doujin.

While ‘More Check’ did not revolve around specific series or characters, the ‘マイヒロインズ’ book is all about the girls from recently aired series “The World God Only Knows”.


Gorgeous illustration of a lively Kanon in bikini having fun in the pool under the bright summer sun.

Around 20 pages thick, the book alternates full page color illustrations with pages featuring several black and white line art images together.


Gather Kantoku is a fan of this manga turned anime series for he previously already created artworks of Hakua, a cute scythe wielding demon.

The artist managed to perfectly capture the atmosphere of this girl being caught clad in only her underwear while she’s putting on her thigh highs, the sensual yet not explicit aura and her facial expression are excellent.


Must confess to having dropped “The World God Only Knows” after two episodes and didn’t bother watching the remainder of the series, so am unfamiliar with its characters.

Seeing all these illustrations of the ‘神のみぞ知るセカイ’ girls though makes me want to pick the series up again, it should prove an entertaining watch considering a second season of the anime has been announced.


Typical for a release by Kantoku, the final pages include mostly black and white line art and sketches which often contain real gems like those above, artworks one would love to see on a full page spread.

If you are interested in aquiring this C79 book from Kantoku, you can purchase it at Toranoana.

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  1. February 6, 2011 8:45 pm

    Imo, while it’s a good adaptation, the manga is better than the anime, and has a better pacing ( faster than the anime, but the anime add some background information not in the manga )

    And no I didn’t get this doujinshi, already spent too much xD

  2. February 8, 2011 7:41 pm

    Good to know you liked it.
    Well that’s understandable, Kantoku’s previous release seems more appealing than this one.

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