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Ren’s past in Sazanami Cherry

April 5, 2011

The fourth chapter of “Sazanami Cherry”, the manga drawn by Kamiyoshi that is featured in the trap centric magazine わあい has been out for a while but hadn’t read it until recently.

Continuing right where the previous chapter left off after Ren and Kazuhiro were caught out on their date by Ren’s sister, this latest chapter flashes back to Ren’s childhood. Showing us it was his sister who originally dressed him up in girl clothes.


However, after being severely scolded by their father, Ren’s sister told her younger brother he was a boy and it was improper for him to cross dress. She even started scolding Ren whenever she caught him doing so.

While that original experience may have been the trigger for Ren, we’re shown a nice introspective scene where Ren reveals to Kazuhiro he knows full well that as time passes he will grow and be unable to pretend being a girl.

With wistful eyes Ren asks Kazuhiro if the boy will still like him then, which prompts Kazuhiro to ponder about his feelings for and relationship with Ren.


Quite surprised by this injection of more serious and compelling scenes in “さざなみチェリー”, while still mostly a cute and fluffy story, looks like this manga may delve more deeply into the psyche of its characters.

Aspects such as what it means for Ren to cross dress, his possibly desire in wanting to become a cute girl, or is it actually a desire to never want to grown up but remain as he is now?

Looks like they may also explore how Ren and Kazuriho deal with the inevitable truth of Ren’s gender. Kazuhiro is definitely attracted to Ren, but has he come to terms or fully realized what that entails?


This more psychological aspect is very nice to see, a welcome change to many similar stories or trap shenanigans where such underlying themes are sometimes ignored.

Previously already made a brief comparison with “Prunus Girl”, this latest chapter of “Sazanami Cherry” shows that it may explore themes behind the whole trap concept that “Prunus Girl” has left largely untouched save for comedic purposes.

Am even more looking forward to the next chapters than before.

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