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Maria†Holic: Alive 2

April 17, 2011

Even though rain is pouring down at Ame No Kiseki Kanako’s spirits are high in anticipation of the upcoming pool lessens! But wait, hasn’t Kanako been there before? The mysterious dorm leader is quick to assure Kanako it’s still June though.

Leisurely passing the time indoors as rain continues to batter against the windows, Ryuken and the dorm leader join Kanako, Mariya and Matsurika for sweets and to partake in card matching games.


Alas for Kanako, she is not enthused by the various card sets everyone brought, from Ryuken’s set of characters from the ‘Three Kingdoms’, Matsurika’s cards that depict precious gems to Yonakuni’s set of cards with esper-like symbols.

In despair at having upset Ryuken over the ‘Three Kingdoms’ set and her own lack of knowledge thereof, Kanako descends even further into despair when none other than Kanae appears, the priest having bribed the dorm leader with a new 3D television.

The card game with Kanae quickly has poor Kanako writhing on the floor from her allergic reaction to the male priest. Luckily the dorm leader bails the poor girl out by announcing the gathering is over since it should stop raining any moment, which it actually does at a snap of her chopsticks.

Irritated that she is the only one working hard to diligently clean their room, Kanako complains to Mariya and Matsurika, especially since the maid is too busy playing her favorite PSP game.


Wondering how Mariya’s side of the room can be so clean with Matsurika slacking off, Kanako goes from irritation to despair when Kanae appears again at their door, the priest having received a message from Mariya that Kanako needed his help.

When Kiri asks in class if they noticed her new glasses, Kanako is at a loss until Sachi says the new glass lenses fit her existing frame much better. Revealing she treated herself to them in reward for her hard work on the previous tests, Kiri then goes on to explain to a puzzled Kanako what Sachi bought to reward herself with.

After Sachi says she wants to be prepared for everything by always having any tool at hand, Kanako makes Yuzuru cry when she asks the hakama wearing girl what she got to reward herself with.

Explaining what happened to Mariya and Matsurika, Kanako exclaims she too wants a reward for her hard work and Mariya is more than happy to oblige… by inviting Kanae over which soon has Kanako convulsing on the floor.


Thoughts on this episode~

Jumping back in the time line to before the events that occurred in the final episode of the first season “Maria†Holic”, did like how the opening sequence surmised what had transpired then in the typical style used by Shaft for this series with alternate animation style and over exaggerated scene composition.

Was quite fun to see the “IS: Infinite Stratos” Easter egg, the five maids shown in Kanako’s phantasies each having one of the hair styles and accompanying ribbon of the IS girls.
The five IS girls as personal maids to cater her every whim? Why, Kanako surely beats Ichika in terms of harem leadership skills and perverted desires there.

This episode did feel like more of a filler one with three separate smaller comedy oriented pieces, but it’s always great to see Kanako and Mariya’s usual antics and their atypical relationship.

Can’t wait for the next episode!

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