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Maria†Holic: Alive 3

April 23, 2011

Kanako’s heart aches from the gaping emptiness she imagines in it for she has still not found her fated one true love. Her perverted mind soon running amok, Kanako’s goals do not seem as pure to Mariya and Matsurika as they do to the raging lesbian herself.

Determined to expand her hunting grounds to outside of Ame no Kiseki, Kanako enthusiastically takes our her favorite outfit but to the girl’s shock her skirt zipper won’t close. Taking out her weight scale, the inescapable truth of the numbers on its display bring despair.


After a phase of denial and blaming Mariya for feeding her too much sweets, Kanako vows to a strict diet. Skipping meals to snack on but a few dried mushrooms, Kanako’s sudden extreme diet worries her classmates.

Sachi appeals to Kiri, hoping the bespectacled girl will convince Kanako to abandon her reckless plans but Kiri’s intervention proves too effective. Kanako soon lunges at Sachi whose bag of sweets is too alluring.

Starving, Kanako’s situation becomes more dire when during the following student council meeting where they discuss new suggestions for the cafeteria’s menu. Talk of all those delicious dishes soon has Kanako’s head spinning.
Unable to think clearly, the hungry girl lunges at student council president Ayari whose blonde drill hair looks like an appetizing croissant to the ravenous Kanako.

Trying to transform her dorm room into a sauna using portable heaters, Kanako’s idea to loose weight by profusely sweating soon has the poor girl dehydrated.


The next morning, Kanako is seen wandering through the school’s corridors wearing a straitjacket, restraints and shackles that would easily contain Hannibal Lecter. Alas for Kanako, they cannot contain her hunger when Honoka takes out some food in class.

Breaking free of her restraints, Kanako collapses after which the weakened girl is taken to the school infirmary where their teacher Kumagai expresses her concern for Kanako’s wellbeing with that reckless diet.

Determined to stick to the diet, Kanako waves off Mariya’s invitation to have supper together and heads to bed early. Awakening later that night, Kanako has become a ravenous beast that wanders through the dorm and even tries to devour the dorm leader’s dog.

Sternly lectured by Mariya, Kanako switches to a normal diet with exercise and by their next day off she fits her favorite outfit once again. Ready to head out, Kanako is stopped short by Mariya who drops a bomb by revealing it is against school regulations to go out into town in anything but their uniform.


Thoughts on this episode~

Spotted a few animation flaws this time round, like several incorrectly colored areas in some scenes, but nothing too bothersome.

The prologue and epilogue felt a bit more eclectic and didn’t fit that well with the bulk of this episode, though Mariya being her usual manipulative self with the priest Kanae regarding his weight which led into an odd pyramid scheme sales ad was rather hilarious.

Nonetheless, do enjoy this show the most when it focuses on Kanako’s antics and odd adventures at Ame no Kiseki, especially if there’s plenty of verbal banter between Kanako and Mariya. Quite enjoy how well these two play off each other and as each episode goes by increasingly feel they would make the perfect dysfunctional couple.

Let’s hope these current stand-alone story episode will give way to the central plot and we may see an epic ending where Kanako finds her true love… with Mariya?
Who would you like to see Kanako end up together with?

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  1. Catherine Meyers permalink
    April 26, 2011 4:09 pm

    Hi Smithy, sorry to post this here, but you have a really interesting blog, great uncanned reviews (though I found the 1st episode of Nichijou a little boring =/), and I’m wondering if you would like to do a link exchange with my website. Please let me know if you do and good luck with Blue Blue Wave.


  2. April 26, 2011 7:48 pm

    @Catherine Meyers
    Sure, what’s your blog’s url/address?

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