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Maria†Holic: Alive 4

May 2, 2011

The crimes and trial of Miyamae Kanako! Having savagely attacked the dorm mistress’ dog Yonakuni in a fit of madness due to starvation during her diet earlier, Kanako is made to answer before a court presided by the dorm leader.

With Mariya acting as public prosecutor, Matsurika as Kanako’s defence attorney and her friends Sachi, Kiri, Yuzuru and Ryuken as jurors, what will the outcome be for Kanako?


Before the trial starts Kumagai’s class lecture is interrupted by three arrows that break through the window and strike Kanako. Luckily, they seem to be movie prop arrows carrying summons for her classmates.

Wondering why their presence is mandatory and why Mariya is acting as prosecutor against her own roommate, Sachi listens to Ryuken say that it must no doubt be a burden to Mariya who is seen shedding a tear.

Revealing she doesn’t really remember well what happened that faithful night when she tried to devour Yonakuni, Kanako’s pleas are for naught as a heated battle starts between prosecutor Mariya and defence attorney Matsurika.

Taking Kanako’s plight to heart, Sachi intervenes by suggesting Kanako must have acted in a fit of madness caused by hunger, something for which she cannot be held accountable. Alas for Sachi, Kiri retorts that it is unheard of for people to have such bouts of temporary insanity merely from dieting.


Presenting further evidence and arguments ranging from the school nurse’s testimony at Kanako’s earlier collapse and blood loss due to a nosebleed, student council president Ayari whose drill hair was mistaken for a croissant by a ravenous Kanako, classmate Honoka who testifies about the seaweed found in Kanako’s school bag to the final witness… the indescribable creature that lives in Kanako’s school bag!

Culminating into a final face off between prosecutor Mariya and defence attorney Matsurika, the trial’s climax is cut short when the dorm mistress indefinitely adjourns the proceedings for it is time for her favorite television show.

Wondering how to make Kanako reflect on her actions with some sort of punishment, the remaining girls hear from Matsurika that she has already prepared for that.

Dreading what is to come, Kanako sees the priest Kanae, her nemesis, enter the room. Kanako’s suffering only begins though as the next morning she learns that it’s time for the end of term finals to start! What will become of Kanako’s academic career?


Thoughts on this episode~

Liked that they didn’t just write off Kanako’s crazy antics during her diet as quickly forgotten. Having this mock trial -or is it rather mockery of a trial- helps break through the episodic feeling a bit, though they’ve yet to address the main plot. Perhaps Kanako wanting to burst out Mariya’s secret in a desperate last stand will take us back on track?

Of course Mariya’s acting was flawless, from the fake tears to Yuzuru thinking the twitching of her lips was in despair while in truth it was because Mariya could barely contain her laughter. This episode does illustrate the interesting relationship dynamic between Kanako, Mariya and Matsurika.

Surely Mariya tortures Kanako every chance she gets but will she really push Kanako over the brink? While Matsurika doesn’t seem to care for Kanako at all and simply performed her duty to defend the girl, the wily maid certainly did so largely because of her commitment to Mariya.

Am looking forward to the series starting to divulge some details or secrets behind these three. While more of their crazy shenanigans is always good, want this season to have the necessary depth and closure.

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