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Maria†Holic: Alive 5

May 7, 2011

Kanako is in a pinch! Having failed the end of term test for each subject, will Kanako be able to get her grades back up?

Regardless of Kanako’s pitiful excuses to evade responsibility, Mariya compiled a thick study guide for Kanako to cram for the makeover tests. Though Kanako doesn’t seem grateful nor motivated to study.


Following Mariya to kyudo practice, Kanako climbs the archery walls to ogle at the girls. When Mariya, Yuzuru and other kyudo girls’ talk about why they joined the club, their conversation quickly has Kanako’s delusional mind racing.

Misinterpreting the reason why Yuzuru started kyudo, Kanako blissfully drops to the ground with an explosive nosebleed. Discovered by an angry dorm leader, Kanako is snatched away to cram an entire year’s worth of studying into her in a mere week’s time.

Back after what on the calendar was but a week’s absence, Kanako’s appearance shocks Mariya and Matsurika, for her hair has grown long, past her shoulders and she even seems to have gotten taller. What magic did the dorm leader use?

Though Kanako isn’t the only one who has changed during that week, the entire school is taken in by a デコ crazy, lavishly decorating everything with rhinestones and other sparkling trinkets. Ryuken and her fans are infatuated with mori hairstyles, exhibiting crazy creations thanks to stylist Honoka. Though Ryuken also seems to be instigator of a trading card game craze that has swept the dorms.

What will become of Kanako in this crazy school where Mariya and Matsurika seem to be the only normal people left?


Thoughts on this episode~

The new opening theme ‘るんるんりる らんらんらら’ sung by Kobayashi Yu who voices Mariya is quite catchy though not as extreme and silly a parody as the ‘delusional warrior Miyamae Kanako’ tune sung by Sugita Tomokazu who voices the priest Kanae.
Even more so than the first opening song this second one is accompanied by animation that mostly uses footage from the first season.

Bit a shame they replaced the earlier intro as the ‘delusional warrior Miyamae Kanako’ track had something epic and both its parody and homage value towards the super robot action series of days bygone.

This episode held the usual silliness and comedic antics, Mariya seemed a bit downplayed this time round. Or rather, the scenes of Mariya showed her gentle side more, which she flaunts as a facade but in fact is a part of her true self.

Wonder if they’ll have Kanako’s hair back to its usual length next week as this long haired version is quite cute too. I can just imagine some ecchi yuri scenes of a long haired Kanako on top of Mariya… no doubt such delusions are a normal occurrence after watching this show.

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