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Spring buds bloom

May 10, 2011

A while ago, when a neighbor offered some new branches they had cut from their tree which were soon to bloom with many lovely tiny yellow flowers, knew couldn’t miss this chance to capture both the buds and flowers themselves with the macro lens.

Yellow flower

Surely within days the branches were filled with a plethora of bright yellow flowers though they didn’t really last long and soon wilted away.

A flower’s beauty and life is but fleeting… as is ours I guess?


Incredible how these tiny, fragile buds that sometimes look ragged and messy but once they bloom become such gorgeous, perfect flowers.

Nature surely is impressive, like how macro photography even if but for a few moments allows me to take in and savor its beauty.

Spring has come

Haven’t done too many macro or flower photography lately in favor of Dollfie Dream photo shenanigans and because the rear of my macro lens had picked up some tenacious dirt.

Luckily, was able to head to the camera store and pick up the necessary cleaning tools like a convenient lens pen which seems perfect to clean the rear glass element.

Buds and leaves

Only realized today that I forgot to check when the Spring Flower Show in nearby Grand-Bigard was being held this year, turns out it ended last weekend. Though with the lack of rain am not sure the flowers would have been of such great quality.

You can see more of my flower and other photography on Flickr.

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  1. June 12, 2011 12:12 pm

    Always love your floral photography. The buds are beautiful!

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