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Maria†Holic: Alive 6

May 15, 2011

Welcome to this week’s episode of “Matsurika†Holic”! The ever helpful maid Matsurika is here to guide us, telling the tale of what transpired at Ame No Kisaki while Kanako was away.

Kumagai has an idea to get her students to become more passionate and knowledgeable about Japanese history, by using a trading card game with cards inspired on Japanese history.


Overhearing the teacher, Mariya intervenes, suggesting sly business ploys to promote the card game and she offers her invaluable help to realize them. Like putty in the hands of this expert manipulator, Kumagai goes along with Mariya’s plans.

Hearing of Kanako’s absence, Sachi, Kiri and Yuzuru discuss what they could do to feel as if she remains in their midst, for they miss their energetic and aloof friend. Much to Yuzuru’s shock, Sachi and Kiri’s adorn Kanako’s desk with white flowers and a photo of the girl.

When Ei remarks her exquisitely decorated hairpins, Ryuuken explains that Ayari decorated them with rhinestones, the student council president being quite into deco. Lamenting she’d love to try a more risqué mori hairstyle, Ryuuken is offered the services of Honoka, hairstylist extra-ordinaire.

Spotting a unique chance for profit, Mariya has a card game sample sent to the dorm leader who is quick to launch it throughout the dorm into a fashion craze. However, the dorm leader herself is not to be taken lightly as Mariya soon notices.

When Ayari is late at work to lavishly decorate Kanako’s desk, the student council president’s chat with Natsuru is overheard by Kanae. The priest misinterprets the flower and photo as a sign that Kanako passed away and wanders on, utterly destroyed.


Instead of being re-assured by Mariya and Matsurika’s explanation the next day, Kanae’s tendency to misinterpret everything leads him full throttle in the wrong direction. Such, that he heads to the Shidou estate where he is quickly intercepted by traps laid out by Shizu’s butler.

Alas for the priest, his talk to Shizu brings no clarity. Walking around campus in bathrobe and slippers, Kanae’s appearance and mutterings puzzle those who run into him.

Thoughts on this episode~

Loved how this episode was a bit different by omitting Kanako, but still according to the usual “Maria†Holic” recipe by showing us what antics the other characters got up to during Kanako’s week long absence. Some could perceive it as filler or more of the same since the previous episode did show the result of events triggered here.

However, found it quite interesting to see the cause -or rather, the culprits- behind the card battle mania, the surprise that Sachi and Kiri are responsible for having Kanako’s desk decorated as well as adorning it with a framed photo and vase with a white flower.

But more shocking perhaps is the service scene of Mariya gently waking up in her own room at home, a photo of Kanako on her nightstand. A deadly trap indeed! Many brave souls died of blood loss due to explosive nosebleeds.

The best laugh this week though was definitely Kanae’s girly shriek of confusion when he runs into Kanako after she returns.

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  1. Anonomyous permalink
    May 16, 2011 8:03 pm

    Approved: Tochiro’s fantasy holding both Matsurika and Shizu <-Definitely not Mariya!

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