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Maria†Holic: Alive 7

May 21, 2011

Ame No Kiseki’s swimming competition has finally come! But we already know what happened that day in the pool. Mariya traded places with her twin Shizu but alas for poor Shizu, her swimsuit was pulled down thanks to Kanako who instantly suffered an epic nosebleed.

Wanting to apologize, Kanako drags her blood deprived body to the Shidou mansion but soon gets caught in one of the many traps laid by Shizu’s butler Rindo. Dragging his helplessly captured prey inside, Rindo gets scolded by Mariya for being such a survival game maniac.


Begging to be released from the net she’s confined in, Kanako breaks out in hives when Mariya touches her, much to Rindo’s amusement. When she’s finally released, Kanako properly apologizes to Shizu for the pool incident and is surprised to hear Mariya will remain at the mansion another day.

Called to the nurse’s office by Enjouzi, Kanako is shocked to hear the swimming instructor reveal that Kanako is to indulge in Mariya’s chest once more. Jolted awake from her delusional dream, Kanako is surprised to discover Shizu in her room, the girl having taken Mariya’s place for another day.

Ecstatic from being able to spend time with Shizu, Kanako goes off into her typical yuri fetish fantasy mode every chance she gets, even dozing off in class and dreaming Shizu confesses her love.

Wanting nothing more than to keep Shizu as her room mate instead of Mariya, Kanako’s warped mind quickly spawns an idea when she overhears Yuzuru say that Mihoshi no Mori, the all boys school Shizu normally attends, is holding their own swimming competition today.

Realizing that must be the reason Mariya and Shizu have switched, Kanako plots to keep Shizu at Ame no Kiseki by getting Mariya into some sort of accident during the swimming competition.

Infiltrating the boys’ school pool area during lunch break, Kanako’s plan goes awry when the boys enter the pool faster than she expected. Exposed, a distressed Kanako breaks out in hives but is saved by Rindo who suggests she must be the new swimming instructor.


Kanako finds herself in the pool surrounded by all the boys. Is she really saved?

Thoughts on this episode~

Finally we’re back on track, picking up where the first season left off. Does make me wonder if they will be able to include the relevant material in the remaining episodes and conclude the anime adaptation, or if they’ll have an open ending again. With the opening animation showing several new characters, am not so sure the’ll wrap things up.

Is it just my impression or might Shizu have been voiced by someone else in the previous episode? This episode it was definitely Hirano Aya, but the voice work this time seemed different compared to the previous one. 気のせいかな?

Felt that this week’s episode suffered from less polished animation and some obvious flaws. Shaft is also working on “Denpa Onna to Sheisun Otoko” this season, which has truly sublime animation, easily surpassing anything they’ve done before in terms of animation quality, even “Bakamonogatari”, but it would be nice if they still give enough attention to the quality of “Maria†Holic: Alive”.

Sometimes I feel this series just doesn’t get much love which is a shame as it’s often hilarious and exactly what the yuri and harem genre need.

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  1. May 22, 2011 2:23 pm

    I’m not one for a yuri anime, but seeing as it’s “technically” not yuri, I guess it’s borderlining on acceptable in my book. Nothing against yuri, just that I can’t really stand to watch it. I don’t think that Maria is getting shafted (hur hur) by SHAFT since Denpa Onna also has some pretty erratic artwork at times, especially with Meme’s eyes and whatnot.

  2. May 22, 2011 3:09 pm

    There’s plenty of yuri in “Maria†Holic” or rather yuri parodying. What I love about this series is that for once, the clumsy, perverted lead character is a girl, a nice offset against the usual male lead as seen in all those harem comedies.
    Have noticed a few lesser frames in “Denpa Onna to Sheisun Otoko” (no doubt to be fixed on the BR/DVD) but overall it’s so terrificly well animated, feels as if “Maria†Holic” is getting less attention. (Considering the first season didn’t really sell that much, can’t say I don’t understand though.)

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