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Dakisuke 1 Ooizumi Rei dakimakura by Mahiru Izumi

June 2, 2011

Always loved the work of Mahiru Izumi (泉まひる) so was quite pleasantly surprised to see a hugging pillow cover adorned with his art.

The first cover to come from the new Dakisuke (だきすけ) line, Mahiru Izumi illustrated an original character named Ooizumi Rei for it. The busty, shapely blonde is depicted in bikini on one side and as the censoring might suggest, drawn exposed on the other side.


Although Rei is a bit too shapely and the cover features explicit art, still feel tempted to aquire this dakimakura as I am fond of Mahiru Izumi’s work and art style, have both the “Queen’s Gate – Yagyuu Juubei” and “Queen’s Gate – Mai Shiranui” books which he illustrated.

The next two Dakisuke covers will feature illustrations by artists Reine Kuwashima and Mikeou, am looking forward to what other artists will participate in the future.

Due out in July, you can find this hugging pillow available for reservation at Hobby Search and Hobby Link Japan.

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  1. June 12, 2011 1:49 pm

    She is a little too well endowed for my tastes, but just looking at this dakimakura may make the pillow feel softer.

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