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Maria†Holic: Alive 9

June 5, 2011

Crossing the gates of Ame No Kiseki girls school on this hot summer day, a young boy heads through the school gardens amidst the puzzled students. Intercepted by Kanae, the witty lad makes quick work of the easily flustered priest, telling him off.

Chifuyu and Ryuken stumble upon the scene and to everyone’s surprise, the boy appears to be acquainted to Ryuken! The two girls are joined by Mariya, Matsurika and Kanako as they sit down with the boy in the cafeteria, where he introduces himself as Touta, Ryuken’s future husband.


Shocked at this sudden revelation, the girls hear the daring young lad explain how he used a ticket won in a raffle to travel all the way from his home in Osaka to Ame No Kiseki especially to see Ryuken.

With the boy wanting to discuss something with her, the other girls leave them be, although Chifuyu has to drag Kanako away, for the raging lesbian does not take kindly on this male presence, even if it is but a mouthy brat.

Wildly thrashing while she’s being taken away, Kanako cannot verbally protest, for Mariya has enacted a punishment on her for previous trespassing that is kind to the ear of the viewers who are no fan of her character, for she is to refrain from speaking this entire episode.

Luckily we have Rindo’s witty narration to rely on, backed by the dorm supervisor and her trusty pet dog who witness all the events unfold. This includes Kanako’s futile attempt at getting rid of Touta for she is intercepted by Ayari and Natsuru, the student council president especially concerned Kanako may be ill considering the hygienic mask she’s wearing as well as her erratic behaviour.


Fleeing the scene, Kanako eventually faces off against Touta in a battle of rhinoceros beetles, but the boy proves to be out of her league. Heading back home, Touta says his goodbyes to Ryuken, giving her a good luck charm he bought for her to pass through the upcoming exams, knowing she’d aim for schools other than Ame No Kiseki’s escalator school.

Thoughts on this episode~

Although it had a few funny moments, overall thought this was a rather weak episode, it felt like they had purposely stretched out a short plot stint or chapter to fill an entire episode as filler.

Sure, while it was nice have to some focus on Ryuken who had lately only appeared in a few minor scenes for comedic value, this sudden added depth of her character through the introduction of an all-new character that is her would-be fiancée Touta just felt too out of place.

Without the incredulous cut in military scenes or commentator shenanigans with Rindo and the nonsensical plot with Touta being an avid rhinoceros beetle fan, the whole Ryuken and Touta plot would have fit in with any other school romance series.

Plus Touta’s Kansai accent wasn’t as endearing as Kotobuki Minako’s Kansai ben voice work as Yuuko in “A Channel”. Here’s hoping next week’s episode will be better!

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