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Maria†Holic: Alive 10

June 12, 2011

After the trial of Miyamae Kanako, the disappearance of Miyamae Kanako and the silencing of Miyamae Kanako, this week we see the maledictions brought upon Miyamae Kanako.

Late one evening when a blood red moon looms ominously over the night skies, Kanako is surprised Matsurika unexpectedly gives her a rosary. Unsure about this gift, Kanako’s suspicions prove correct when Matsurika reveals the rosary is cursed.


Unable to sleep that night, Kanako feels the oppressive weight of a succubus, a cute young girl brought forth by the cursed rosary, weighing down upon her. Drained, Kanako tries to pass on the rosary to her classmates the next day but they wisely refuse.

Having learned of Kanako’s woes, Kanae heads to the dorms to relieve the girl of her insomnia but the priest actions’ only aggravate Kanako’s suffering. After the troubled girl finally falls asleep, Mariya gives the rosary to Kanae, as thanks for having helped out Kanako.

But the maledictions do not end there, for Matsurika tricks Kanako with more cursed items who alas seem to have an entirely different effect this time, much to Kanako’s despair and Matsurika’s glee.

As expected the charming young girl that seems to inhabit the cursed rosary transfers to Kanae, latching onto his shadow and troubling his sleep. Luckily, when Kanako confronts the priest about this, the dorm leader comes upon the scene and retrieves the rosary. Ecstatic to find such a cute companion with it, the cat eared dorm leader is a mysterious and fearsome entity indeed.

But Kanako has more important matters to think about! The fireworks show that she’s going to watch with her friends and classmates, all dressed in yukata! Kanako cannot hold back the blood that gushes from her nose at the sight of Mariya’s lovely nape, exposed thanks to her hair being tied up as is often tradition when wearing a yukata.


Hoping to ogle at the other girls exposed nape, Kanako is distraught when none of them have tied their hair up. Nonetheless, the girls do not let Kanako’s mutterings spoil their fun evening out admiring the fireworks.

Thoughts on this episode~

A nice episode full of the shenanigans I love to see from this series, plenty of silliness and humor with enough jabs at typical harem romance or yuri series, and “Maria†Holic: Alive” is not too shy to take a stab at itself too.

Kanako’s raging lesbian delusions, Mariya being the irresistible trap with plenty of fanservice to further lure in unsuspecting viewers topped off with their terrific interaction and Matsurika’s dry comebacks. The classic “Maria†Holic” I like to watch.

With only a couple of episodes left, wonder if the season will offer any sort of closure or resolution to the main plot or simply leave it open for a possible third season depending on the manga’s future chapters.

Must say I adored the fanservice of Mariya in yukata, once again proving she’s an irresistibly cute trap, though it is a shame we didn’t get more candid service shots with excellent animation of Kanako and the others in yukata.

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  1. Anonomyous permalink
    June 12, 2011 11:16 pm

    Great episode that is head and shoulders above the recent ones IMO. Brings back the funny

  2. June 13, 2011 12:03 pm

    Prefer this episode over some of the recent ones too. Makes me curious to read those volumes of the manga to see how close those previous episodes followed the manga and if those manga chapters feel like a dip in the story as well.

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