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Mayo Chiki!

July 11, 2011

While yuri themed shows are easily one of my favored genres, cannot deny there’s quite a few series I like that prominently feature trap characters, whether it be a comedy “Maria†Holic” or drama like “Hourou Musuko”.

As such, could not omit checking out “Mayo Chiki!”, the anime adaptation of the light novel series “まよチキ!” written by Asano Hajime and with original art by Kikuchi Seiji, that revolve around the lovely trap Konoe Subaru.


Not the typical trap though, but a reverse trap! Young Konoe Subaru, the only heir of a long line of butlers to the Suzutsuki family, is determined to continue her family’s legacy regardless of her gender and hence poses as Kanade’s male butler.

However, Subaru’s secret is accidentally discovered by her male classmate Sakamoto Kinjirou, off course from there on typical comedic and romantic shenanigans ensue.

Was quite looking forward to this series, yet must confess that while I enjoyed this first episode, it didn’t particularly strike me and have yet to be convinced by a few key elements.

Most events and characters are the standard fare, but am still on the fence about Kinjirou possessing the peculiar trait of having a nosebleed when a woman touches him and posh Kanade being quite the sadist that enjoys toying with both Subaru and Kinjirou.

Those two elements reminded me a bit much of “MM!”, a series which I didn’t enjoy all the way but ultimately gave up on as characters with as only traits being a masochist or a sadist did not entertain me long enough.


With Subaru being hammed up for all she’s worth as irresistibly cute even when in full butler attire, felt Kanade’s more evil glares when she reveals her true nature were a bit much. So, do hope there’s more that meets the eye to Kanade, much like Mariya from “Maria†Holic” who is more than the sadist she seems to be at face value.

The next few episodes will determine what direction the series will take, though expect it to be a romantic comedy with trap shenanigans and possible harem elements.

While this episode focused mostly on Kinjirou, Subaru and Kanade, definitely want to see more of Narumi whose brief appearance made quite an impression! This can be no doubt be attributed not only to her shapely curves, but adding megane, nekomimi and possibly a bit perverted personality makes for an explosive mix of a moe ecchi bombshell!

Animation in this first episode by studio Feel was good, though was rather struck by how they adapted the original art by Kikuchi Seiji as some of the characters their typical eye style with these vivid colors reminded me of Kantoku‘s usual eye drawing style. An impression some fellow anime fans on my Twitter timeline seem to share.


Reverse trap Subaru is voiced quite well by Iguchi Yuka, who also portrayed Index in “To Aru Majutsu No Index” or Kaede in “Nyan Koi”.

The sadistic Kanade is voiced by Kitamura Eri, who previously voiced characters like Yachiyo in “Working!!”, Ami in “Toradora”, Allean in “Queen’s Blade” and Natsuki in “Ga-Rei: Zero”.

Looking forward of seeing more screen time for cat eared Narumi who’s voiced by Asumi Kana, she also voiced Miya in “Amagami SS”, Mikoto in “Kämpfer” and Poplar in “Working!!”.

Hanazawa Kana voices Kinjirou’s sister Kureha, she also played roles like Nadeko in “Bakemonogatari”, Mikan in “To Love RU” or Ruri/Kuroneko in “Ore no Imouto Ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga nai”.

Am looking forward to the next episodes, hoping this series will provide some nice comedy with plenty of reverse trap fun and personally hope not too much focus will be spent on Kinjirou’s phobia or Kanade’s sadistic trait.

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  1. July 11, 2011 11:05 pm

    Totally agree with the MM! reference. I had to drop that one after a few episodes, but I have much more hope for this, especially while watching so much drama this summer!

  2. July 13, 2011 8:45 pm

    Do think this series could turn out terrific, just hope there won’t be too much focus on the aberrant side of Kinjirou and Kanade’s sadistic side. Instead I’d love to see plenty of (tsun)dere reverse trap fun and nekomimi goodness.

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