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Shocking revelation in Sazanami Cherry

July 29, 2011

The fifth chapter of “Sazanami Cherry” has been out for a while but only recently had a chance to read it and catch up with this manga drawn by Kamiyoshi, which is published trap centric magazine わあい.

Determined to tell Ren how he feels, Kazuhiro’s resolve and hopes crumble when Ren appears before him in normal male school uniform and bids Kazuhiro farewell. Ren has decided to part ways with love and life spent living as a girl, leaving a crushed Kazuhiro behind.


Later that day, Kazuhiro is surprised when Ren’s sister unexpectedly meets up with him, saying Ren wrote her a note to apologize, wherein he vows no longer to dress up as a girl.

Blaming Ren’s sister because her harsh words crushed Ren’s hopes of a happy life, Kazuhiro is unsure what to think when Ren’s sister shockingly reveals that she too is in fact, a man!

Having cross-dressed since youth, but always ostracized and alone, he had hoped to spare Ren such suffering. However Kazuhiro suggests that envy and jealousy might have been at play too, for Ren’s cross-dressing was so easily accepted in contrast.


Once more determined to tell Ren how he feels, Kazuhiro runs off, dragging Ren’s sister along so she too can tell Ren she wants him to be the little sister she dreamt of having.

Should have seen it coming but hadn’t expected Ren’s sister to be a trap as well. While it was a nice chapter, do feel this series is moving along too fast, due to this the story and characters are lacking depth.


Would have liked to see more chapters spent on exploring the bond between the Takano siblings, as well as Kazuhiro’s feelings as he does remain too superficial. We’ve seen so little of the Takano siblings own school or private lives except the minimal necessary flashbacks on their family’s initial reaction to their cross-dressing.

Presented as a fluffy, cute story with equally cute art style, “Sazanami Cherry” could be much more if fleshed out with additional chapters to provide added depth.

The next chapter is announced as the final chapter in this short story, am quite curious to see the conclusion of this story, will it be a happy end for Ren and Kazuhiro or…?

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  1. tsurugiarashix permalink
    July 30, 2011 4:59 am

    Never heard of this title before now. Seems interesting, especially if it involves traps >_<

  2. July 30, 2011 10:10 am

    It’s a small title published in Waai magazine, only 5 chapters so far so a short read, but a nice and cute story, I recommend it. Though am curious how the upcoming final chapter will turn out.

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