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The world according to Ikeda Chitose

August 5, 2011

A better world. A yuri world! Yes, the world according to Ikeda Chitose as seen through her eyes enriched by the gift of lily delusions is the world as it should be, one where maidens can live free, expressing their pure love for one another.

Revelations that brings never before experienced insight into one’s life and the surrounding world, the image Chitose paints of this world is nothing less than the true gospel!


With the deep red blood that gushes from my nosebleed upon given the sight beyond sight by our saviour Chitose, the life that washes away was but that of a mere hatchling who had not even glimpsed the brightness of the true world yet.

More blinding than the bright light of the fiery sun, the revelations of Chitose take us to a new world, where the vast fields of blooming lilies are nothing less than intoxicating.

Just to make sure everyone understands, the above is meant in humor, all to indulge in some silly yuri centric writing shenanigans to commemorate the excellent laughs I had so far watching “Yuru Yuri”.


On a more serious note, while I quite liked the first episode of “Yuru Yuri”, the following episodes have proven this show is truly sublime with its spot on mix of yuri and comedy wrapped in a familiar slice-of-life setting following a gang of girl friends at school.

Ayano’s crush on Kyouko, Himawari and Sakurako mutual tsundere attraction, Chinatsu’s crush on Yui, Yui and Kyouko’s bond, Chinatsu stealing Akari’s first kiss,… terrific scenes aplenty.

The opening episode was definitely more low key than what has been shown since, hadn’t expected there to be so much implicit yuri, peppered here and there with just a hint of explicit yuri scenery, most stemming from the imagination of Chitose.


Not unexpectedly, the talented Toyosaki Aki is simply outstanding in her role as bespectacled student council member Chitose, absolutely adore her Kansai accent. Reminds me of Kotobuki Minako’s voice work as Yuuko in “A Channel”, her Kansai dialect was a caress to the eardrums.

Quite a joy to hear Toyosaki Aki deliver a similar performance here and cannot wait to see more of Chitose in the upcoming episodes of “Yuru Yuri”.

What are your thoughts on this show so far and who is your favourite pairing?

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  1. August 7, 2011 4:56 am

    I totally approve of this post. How fun~

    As a side note though, I do get the feeling that Yuru Yuri is going a little too overboard with this Chitose thing. I think Kyouko x Ayano is cute enough in normal situations without having to beat the yuri joke to death constantly.

    Anyway, favorite pairings are probably Kyouko x Ayano or Kyouko x Yui. I also like the two student council members whose names escape me for the moment.

  2. August 7, 2011 5:17 am

    I personally liked the second episode. I did not like the first and third episodes. At all.

    And yeah, if you hadn’t noticed, I like Chitose. She is hilarious!

  3. August 7, 2011 8:38 am

    It is true that Chitose’s yuri delusions + nosebleed is becoming the running gag. But at the same time she provides a catalyst for some of the pairings.
    Ah, that’s Himawari and Sakurako you’re referring to, their latest shenanigans were more benign than before, cannot wait until those two really become a yuri item. But will “Yuru Yuri” end up being that explicit in its pairings? I can only hope.
    The third episode was a lot more slice-of-life story of some girl friends, not as yuri comedy tinted, so it was different in atmosphere.


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