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Kantoku ‘STEP -Kantoku Art Works 2-‘

August 20, 2011

Mentioned previously that would pass on Kantoku‘s C80 doujin “Check Ero mixed” in favor of the 5年目の放課後 artist’s new commercial release “STEP -カントク アートワークス2-” that became available shortly before Comiket 80.

Had purchased Kantoku’s first art collection book “あしあと -カントク アートワークス-” from Amazon Japan, so ordered the new book there as well. Faced a hefty shipping fee, but their service is expedient and there is no hassle with customs.


This new book follows the same pattern as “Ashiato -Kantoku Art Works-”, it’s a soft cover book which comes with a slip cover featuring a lovely illustration of Kurumi, one of Kantoku’s own mascot characters.

Most illustrations are all color, full page spreads, save for several two page spreads or a few pages grouping black & white images. The paper and print quality are excellent.


There’s a great review of “STEP -Kantoku Art Works 2-” up on, do recommend you check Nat’s article out too as it also covers what is included extra in the limited edition of the book, whereas the copy reviewed here is the regular edition.

Definitely agree with Nat’s observation that while Kantoku’s art is quite popular lately, it’s always a joy to see this artist’s terrific illustrations.


Not possessing many of Kantoku’s Comiket doujin releases or the E☆2 magazines, this “STEP -Kantoku Art Works 2-” is ideal for me to have a comprehensive collection of Kantoku’s best illustrations and art works.

Those of you who do however already have the doujinshi, magazines and other assorted releases will not see much new illustrations in this book, save for a few created especially for it, which includes the cover art of Kurumi for the regular edition and the illustration of Kurumi and Shizuku that graces the limited edition cover.


Going through the book and seeing the many illustrations such as those created for E☆2 and the various Comiket doujinshi, do get the impression that Kantoku is profiling Kurumi and Shizuku more and more in comparison to the three Miyaguchi girls that we often see in his various works, Hiromi, Kanna & Kei.

Considering Kurumi and Shizuku are both very cute, cannot say that I personally mind seeing more of them. Adored Kurumi from her first appearances on but discover that lately am liking Shizuku quite a lot too.


What also struck me seeing all these illustrations bundled in one book is how Kantoku’s signature art style has evolved these past years. Especially the style in which the eyes are drawn has changed, from undefined pupils to large, darker colored pupils to now quite small pupils.

Typical for this artist are elements like the vivid -yet not overdone- coloring, expert use of check patterns, fashion savvy and sublime use of light.


Although we just got this book to enjoy Kantoku’s great art, am already looking forward to future works and the third collector’s book which is no doubt coming a few years from now.

If you are interested in acquiring “STEP -Kantoku Art Works 2-”, you can find it on Amazon Japan.

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  1. tsurugiarashix permalink
    August 23, 2011 12:31 am

    Wow, that is just some gorgeous art. However, I am not familar with the artist, even though the character designs look awfully familiar. My have to dip into my funds now ^^

  2. August 23, 2011 6:38 pm

    Really? Kantoku’s fairly well known and widespread, you may no doubt have seen the art without knowing it was by Kantoku. If you get “Ashitao -Kantoku Art Works-” and “STEP -Kantoku Art Works 2-” then you have both art collector books which contain most of the best recent work by this artist. In a sense, a good encyclopedia of Kantoku’s art to explore all the art.


  1. Step Limited Edition – Kantoku

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