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Working’!! Preair

September 7, 2011

Although its regular television broadcast run is only slated to start this October, caught the recent preair of the first episode of “Working’!!”, the second season of the anime based on Takatsu Karino’s four panel manga.

An hilarious comedy about the daily antics of the various oddball characters working at the family restaurant ‘Wagnaria’, was great to see the whole gang again up to their usual shenanigans. Being an introduction to the second season, this episode didn’t really offer anything new but briefly revisited the typical traits of most characters.


Looks like the original voice cast from the first season are reprising their roles, like Fukuyama Jun as Takanashi, Kitamura Eri as Yachiyo or Fujita Saki as Mahiru.

Wonder when we’ll see the new characters appear? Also hope to see more of Takanashi’s sisters this season as they were quite the hoot, and of course much more of the lovely Kotori-chan.

Still curious what the opening & ending songs as well as their accompanying animation will be like as they were omitted from this preair.

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