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Sazanami Cherry final chapter

September 18, 2011

A bit late but just caught up with the sixth and final chapter of “Sazanami Cherry”, the trap manga by Kamiyoshi. One of the many stories published in わあい magazine, liked “さざなみチェリー” from the first chapter on and enjoyed reading this cute, romantic tale.

Not entirely unexpected considering the general atmosphere in the previous chapters, this final chapter while starting off more seriously concludes the story with a happy ending.


Although it did introduce some serious scenes into its plot with the Takano sibling feud over Ren’s cross-dressing habit, it was resolved rather easily and was mostly used to help wrap up Ren’s own doubts about his cross-dressing ways, as well as set up the finale where Kazuhiro & Ren reconcile.

Using an endearing but typical confession of love, Kazuhiro & Ren set off for a happy relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend if we are to believe the short epilogue.

As such, “Sazanami Cherry’ did eschew a deeper and compelling foray into Ren’s cross-dressing ways or the emotional inner workings of Ren & Kazuhiro’s relationship.

Perhaps this is not unexpected, as any deeper plot involving their relationship would bring questions to the forefront of which the answers would no doubt dictate the manga’s direction as well as firmly underline its opinions on such topics, for example Kazuhiuro’s sexual preference considering he knowingly has a relationship with a cross-dressing boy.


Maybe in this case denial is bliss? Surely the story of “Sazanami Cherry” could not have remained as innocent and cute as it has, were it to have fully delved into the more serious aspects of its romantic pairing.

Have said before that I do regret the sometimes rushed pace of “さざなみチェリー” and it not delving deeper into the more serious aspects of its story but I now realize that at only six chapters length, it is best that it remained what it always was, a sweet romantic story featuring a cute trap.

So if you’re looking for some light reading in the romantic or trap genre, can recommend this light-hearted story.

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