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Fall at the Heverlee forest arboretum

November 14, 2011

The leisurely stroll in the National Botanic Garden to enjoy the autumn season and its beautiful colors was the first of several similar trips I made to nearby forests & parks.

Decided to take advantage of having some time off to look up nearby parks and forest hiking paths, so on the days we had gorgeous weather could head out for some photo walks.

Orange leaves & blue sky

This time, went to the arboretum in Heverlee. Located at the northern tip of the woods in Heverlee, the arboretum sports many species of pines and deciduous trees in patches interwoven by hiking paths.

Autumn world

There is a convenient display at the entrance with a large map showing the location of the various tree species, the different paths and other miscellaneous information.

It was easy to navigate the arboretum which while large, is still but a small section of the Heverlee forest.

Fall colors

Love such autumn scenery. Was tremendous fun walking through the arboretum, enjoying the fresh air of the outdoors, the bright colors…

It’s just you, the camera and nature.

Orange leaves

A great way to relax, clear your head from any daily worries. Though sunny weather always helps to make such a trip a success.


Although the Canon EF 50mm f/1,4 lens is a terrific lens I nearly always use for DD photography, wasn’t entirely satisfied with it during my visit to the National Botanic Garden, so for this trip I mounted the Canon EF-S 15-85mm lens.

Path covered in leaves

The wider angle of coverage the 15-85mm can manage was more suitable to capture more of the forest landscape.


Took my Dollfie Dream Shizuko along to indulge in some DD photo shenanigans, will share the snapshots taken of her in this autumn forest landscape soon.

Arboretum Heverleebos

You can see more photos taken at the arboretum of Heverlee in the photo set on Flickr.

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