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Fall scenery of the arboretum in Tervuren

November 25, 2011

After an enjoyable autumn walk in the arboretum located in the forest of Heverlee, decided the next day to head to another arboretum, the one in Tervuren.

Located near the eastern edge of the large Sonian forest, the arboretum in Tervuren is significantly bigger than the one located in the northern tip of the Heverlee forest.

Between the trees

With its different species of pines and deciduous trees gathered in large plots interwoven by many pathways, the scenery and atmosphere of the arboretum in Tervuren can instead more be compared to the whole forest of Heverlee itself.

Which road to choose?

Perhaps less adventurous but rather convenient, most of the pathways were wide hardened roads, though there were still plenty of narrower paths fully covered in fallen leaves.

Alleen voetgangers

Pedestrians only! While many roads in the arboretum allowed for cyclists, paths like the one above were limited to pedestrians only, as the sign indicates.

Fall colors

Luckily again had good weather that day, though there was a lot more cloud cover. Clear blue skies might have helped to create more enchanting photos.

Autumn colors at the Arboretum Tervuren

Predominant fall leaf colors here were orange, yellow and brown hues, barely any trees with red colored autumn foliage. Want to capture the scenery of a forest with many red autumn leaves someday, perhaps even in Japan?

Autumn in the Arboreturm of Tervuren

Having more variations in terrain elevation and some lesser traveled paths, there were plenty of quiet spots to take a breather and enjoy nature.

Autumn in the arboretum Tervuren

After having packed along Dollfie Dream Shizuko for earlier trips, this time opted to bring Yoko instead, for some variation in the DD autumn photography. Will share the photos taken of Yoko soon.

Barely touched by autumn

You can see more photos taken at the arboretum of Tervuren in the corresponding photo set on Flickr.

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  1. November 27, 2011 9:48 pm

    Nice to see you are going out there, I only been to that one place I shot the Sunset Saber recently, haven’t had the drive to go out since then. Looking forward to the new photo set.

  2. November 27, 2011 10:26 pm

    Took advantage of the time off and gorgeous weather to get out as much as possible, didn’t always take DD photos though.


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