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Kyouko’s autumn forest walk

December 7, 2011

Previously showcased photos taken during a hike in the forest grounds near the castle of Horst, now on to share some photo captures of Dollfie Dream Kyouko taken in that same autumn landscape.

For the sake of convenience considering the same outfit was used and it features similar scenery anyway, also included shots taken of Kyouko the day after while taking a stroll through another forest.

Kyouko's autumn walk

The DDS type body from Volks has greater posing ability compared to the DDII & DDDy types and its smaller size made it easier to recover from the Dollmore carry bag, those advantages were offset against Kyouko’s current wig having an intricate styling which made it challenging to keep in shape on the go.

Just sitting here

The above shot and second to last photo were taken another day. Had an unfortunate delay with having to adjust one of Kyouko’s eyes, hence had less time to prepare my trip so opted to head to the forests of Heverlee again and simply venture on a different route.

Sitting on a branch

In the forests near the Horst castle found this lovely spot on the downward slope next to a leaf covered path that had great contrast between the patches illuminated by the sun and those in the shade.
A few large branches partially covered with moss and leaves offered a nice surface to pose Kyouko on.

Kyouko's autumn walk

Challenge myself to think of the image I want to compose or capture, so try out various poses and camera angles of which plenty ultimately remain unused.
Unsure why, but am more pleased with the autumn themed image series of Yoko and Shizuko than these of Kyouko.

Resting against a tree

That concludes the Dollfie Dream fall season outdoor photos, though have other photo sets waiting to be uploaded, hope you look forward to them.

You can see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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