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Portraits of Tsukiko

May 5, 2012

Time for some Dollfie Dream photography after the onslaught of preview posts for the spring season’s new anime series. Had gradually uploaded these photos of DD Tsukiko to Flickr the past weeks, now collecting them in one post to share with you.

Gathering various shoots that were spread over several hours or days, these photos hence include different lighting conditions, some having soft, indirect lighting while others have stark contrasting light & shadows.

Dream beauty

Starting off with a series of photos with soft lighting that creates an excellent atmosphere which really brings out the terrific appeal of Tsukiko, a Saber Alter 2nd ver Dollfie Dream.

Although but a plain outfit compared to a kimono or the default Saber Alter dress, this off the shoulder sweater look suits Tsukiko well, creating a terrific mix of a more daring vibe yet still elegant. The black off course contrasting nicely against the white skin body.


This black legging and off the shoulder black sweater with thin white stripes outfit is made by Dandelion and was purchased at Coolcat.
Using a black outfit on a white skin DD may seem like quite the risk, but it was tested for color transfer before use and can report that after wearing it for weeks Tsukiko did not have a single stain.


Was disappointed in the quality of the default Volks wig included with Saber Alter 2nd ver as it had lots of loose strands and other blemishes already straight out of the box.
This prompted me to look for another wig for Tsukiko, preferably a fitting blond hue close to the original as the Saber Alter type with those yellow eyes looks gorgeous accompanied by a fitting wig.

Tsukiko in evening's light

Taken in late afternoon, like how the bright light from the low sun was reflected on this door that has a peculiar relief surface, though did ultimately opt to process the resulting shots with some specific presets in Adobe Lightroom to enhance the effect.


While I looked at Miruya wigs, chose this Leekeworld wig instead, the W024_E model in color Goldenrod. Instantly adored its look of wavy, somewhat unkempt hair which reminds me of the irresistible, gorgeous wavy hairdo of Kaoru Tanamachi from “Amagami SS”.


Am quite pleased with its look on Tsukiko, a perfect match to her yellow eyes and white skin.
Do wonder if I am becoming very critical of wigs though as found this wig to be a bit thinner than other Leekeworld wigs I have, but that could be due to the specific styling.


The spots of light and deep shadows in these shots were achieved by placing Tsukiko in front of a window and only slightly raising the closed rolling shutters, allowing the bright morning sun to creep through the small spaces between the shutters.


Have many more photos of Tsukiko waiting to be uploaded as well as new shots of Atsuko.
You can see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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