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Aasaa’s: where anime illustrations meet photography and become art

May 26, 2012

Was simply awestruck upon spotting this illustration by Mubouou Aasaa (Pixiv) earlier today, this artist seems to use angles, composition and framing principles more often seen in photography.

Though 無謀王ああさあ has a varied art style, drawing original characters across different themes or render known characters from various franchises, am mostly enamored by his creations in this specific style.


The simplicity of the school girl sailor uniform with its recognizable styling helps shift focus to the more alternative composition and refreshing framing used in this illustration.

Cutting off parts of the subject’s body using tighter framing is tricky, but Mubouou Aasaa masters it well, creating an intriguing image that tells the viewer a story and remains full of mystery by hiding the girl’s face.


The nape of a young maiden’s neck by itself is already an alluring subject, but the stark shadows, desaturated colors and focused framing more often seen in photography really turn this illustration into a striking artwork.

While more traditional angles, distance and composition have their merit and this alternate style is hard to pull off, I do like this style, as much as I enjoy seeing it in photography.


Although framing a subject such that it cuts off the head at the neck near always leads to disaster, here it works well, leaving us to wonder what the girl drawn in the image could look like, what her facial expression is, what her mood might be.

Personally really feel enthusiastic about these illustrations by Mubouou Aasaa which to me really merge photography elements with anime style imagery.


This particular illustration not only catches the eye with its sensual atmosphere due to the girl’s state of partial undress, but the composition enhances that aura by leading the eye to her collar bones, shape of her chest and taut shirt.

Again, by cutting off the image just above the mouth, unable to see most of the girl’s face it adds mystery to the image.


Being into amateur photography, love to capture my Dollfie Dream in front of the lens, so anime style art like this is not only striking but refreshingly inspiring by its unique framing and composition, which you don’t encounter much in such art.

You can see more at 無謀王ああさあ’s blog or on Pixiv.

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