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June 2, 2012

Went to the movie theater today to watch the recently released “Prometheus”, a science fiction movie by Ridley Scott who also directed the original “Alien”, with which this new movie has quite a bit in common. Though not a direct prequel, it builds its own separate story from elements in the Alien mythology.

Part of the appeal of “Prometheus” are elements it borrows from “Alien” like the oppressive atmosphere, the sense of wonder while discovering another planet & civilization, the unstoppable force that is the alien genome which gives birth to atrocious monstrosities,… all accompanied by other key themes that are philosophically laden.


Offering interesting layers underneath the movie’s core plot , thrilling action and horror scenes are themes like the origin of human life and man’s insatiable quest to discover the answers behind such questions, as well as what it is to be human, the creation and extermination of life.

This theme of mankind seeking the truth behind his origins, his desire to meet his creator(s) is infinitely more interesting here due to the presence of an android created by man, who in essence has already met his creators and surpasses them in many areas.

It is great to once more have a science fiction movie full of challenging questions and themes, which brings us back to how some classic science fiction movies were, like “Blade Runner”, “2001: A Space Odyssey” or “A Clockwork Orange”.

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