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Tony Taka C82 “Fault!!” doujin

September 15, 2012

An artist whose new releases I always look forward to and who never fails to deliver stunning artworks -even when they are hentai illustrations- is Tony Taka.

For this year’s summer Comiket edition, T2 Art Works released the doujin titled ‘黎子さんと真夜ちゃんの事を想っていたらムラムラしてきたのでえろ本にしてみたよ’, a book centered mainly around Reiko and Maya from “Fault!!”, an eroge published by Ciel.


Those shimapan, oh my! Following Tony Taka’s usual formula for Comiket books, this C82 release contains plenty of full color illustrations, some sketch type images and concludes with a black and white hentai manga story.

Compared to some other recent Comiket releases, this new book is thicker and the eroge content is quite significant, it was a challenge to pick out images to showcase that were somewhat safe.


While the black and white hentai manga section of the doujin is “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” oriented, the book is intended as a showcase of Reiko and Maya from the “フォルト!!” eroge for which Tony Taka created the original art.


Considering all of the girls in “Fault!!” are irresistibly cute, would have loved to see even more illustrations in this book of Ai, Mio and Rika, next to the art of Reiko and Maya. Definitely wanted more images of Ai as she’s easily one of my favorite character designs in “Fault!!”, next to Reiko.


Those of you interested in acquiring this C82 book by Tony Taka can pick it up at Toranoana.

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