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Shin Sekai Yori

October 1, 2012

One of the first new shows to kick off the fall season is “Shin Sekai Yori”, the anime adaptation of the “新世界よ” novel by Yuusuke Kishi and its opening episode was nothing less that intriguing, making me quite curious about this story.

The core plot is centered around five friends who live in what at first glance may seem an idyllic future, but its tranquil surface belies a world filled with horror, atrocities and a past drenched in blood. What will they uncover as they seek out the truth behind the utopia they live in?


A-1 pictures really manages to create the perfect visual atmosphere to weave this type of story, everything feels mysterious and near tangibly oppressive, as if something horrendous constantly lurks beneath the surface, waiting to strike.

This starting episode brought to mind some of the sublime moments from “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni” and “Elfen Lied”. As such, am quite keen to see if “Shin Sekai Yori” will be able to stand out and brings us an unforgettable tale of five youths desperately trying to survive in this fictitious accursed future.

Still unknown how good this series will ultimately be, but it shows a lot of promise and the first episode really pulls you in.

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