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October 29, 2012

One of the new shows wanted to check out this fall season was “Btooom!”, the anime adaptation of the original “ブトゥーム” manga by Jun’ya Inoue. The story of this action packed show is centered around a group of people who are trapped on a tropical island, their only way out is to play a real life version of the online combat game ‘Btooom!’.

With lots of explosive action and gore, this show seems like it will also offer psychological insights, exploring what the various characters do to survive and how it affects them. The first two episodes spend quite some time fleshing out the two main characters Ryouta and Himiko.


While the animation by studio Madhouse is decent to good and this show promises it could be quite good, it somehow failed to appeal to me. Not that there is anything wrong or bad about this series, but personally just wasn’t really convinced or pulled in to it.

In fact, was more drawn in by the first few episodes of “K”, hence I’ve opted to follow “K” instead of “Btooom!”. May still watch “Btooom!” later, but currently it’s not on my weekly watch list.

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