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November 5, 2012

Looking at the 2012 fall season line up, there was little to no synopsis for “K”, so decided to only sample this show if time permitted. Being unconvinced by “Btooom!”, opted to give “K” a try.

From the first episode, “K” drew me in with its futuristic world setting, mysterious story and smooth character designs. Studio GoHands really delivers with stunning visuals.
An anime original series, it takes place in a future where many wield psychic powers, the core story revolves around high school boy Yashiro who gets caught up in the raging battles between the seven factions of psychics.


If I were to fault “K” anywhere -next to its lack of cute female characters and abundance of bishounen characters- it would be that even though we have already reached the fifth episode, the story still feels as if it’s still on the starting grid.

While the intricate world setting may feel convoluted at first and the full story would of course not yet be revealed this early on, the plot hasn’t really moved further than what was established in the first episode.
Hence, must confess that so far I really do like “K”, but I do hope the story picks up the pace soon.

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