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Shizuko in Volks Sailor Uniform teaser

December 14, 2012

Well known and beloved by most otaku, even attaining a true fetish status for many, is the typical Japanese school uniform modeled after 19th century European sailor outfits, commonly known as セーラー服.

Could not omit displaying my Dollfie Dream at least once in such a school sailor uniform, so when Volks announced a DD sized セーラー服セット earlier this year, decided to acquire one when possible.

Shizuko in school sailor uniform

What better to show off such a sailor uniform with than the appealing cleavage lines of the shapely bust?

Purchased the sailor uniform directly from Volks when they had it in stock, so also got some optional parts to upgrade Shizuko with, including a set of DDS/DDIII arms along with the the shapely bust for DDII .


Since she looks irresistibly cute in it, added a few photos of Shizuko in the Volks sailor uniform on Flickr as a teaser and thought to also link them here.

Will upload more photos soon so keep an eye on my Flickr photostream.

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