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Japanese books from Kinokuniya

December 17, 2012

Been quite a while since I posted some loot which didn’t revolve around Dollfie Dream related goods, especially concerning manga or anime artbooks.

In fact, due to allocating most hobby funds into Dollfie Dream, purchased nearly no original Japanese manga from Amazon Japan nor any official English translated books from Archonia in 2012.


However, during my stay in Kuala Lumpur this past November, largely made up for it by indulging in a spending spree at the Kinokuniya book store in Suria KLCC, where they had a huge selection of manga and artbooks.

Finally bought volume 2 of “Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko” and volume 4 of “Amanchu!”. Also purchased volumes 9 to 11 of “Yotsuba&!” as well as the ”Strike Witches official Fan Book“ and “Strike Witches 2 Official Fan Book Complete File“ artbooks.

Unfortunately they did not have “Amanchu!” volume 5 in stock, so will have to order it online sometime.

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