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Capturing Yoko

December 28, 2012

Before the new anime season starts, want to sneak in a post showcasing two series of photo captures made of Volks’ lovely Dollfie Dream Yoko.

Taken in the early evening as the sun crept below the horizon, had more dim, indirect lighting coming through the windows to work with, which allowed for photos with a soft overall look.


Recently talked to comrades regarding photography equipment, although I personally prefer to only shoot with natural light, that does impose certain limits, especially when the weather is rather dark & overcast as it has been these past weeks. Might have to look into a flash set or custom lighting.


The other set of photos are similar to those previously shared of Tsukiko, they were actually taken on the same day in the same location. Hence, the specific lighting is of course identical, with bright spots of sunlight coming through raised window rolling shutters casting deep shadows.


Although did process the photos of Tsukiko such that they kept that stark contrast between light and shadow, for these photos of Yoko used a preset filter in Adobe Lightroom to give them a softer, warmer look instead.


Sporting a more casual style, often display Yoko for longer periods in simple attire out of sheer convenience. This particular set consist of a sweater and accessories from Nine9Style along with skirt, leggings and shoes from Dollmore.


While I do try to have shoes that fit the outfit and overall look of my Dollfie Dream, tend to only purchase pairs from online stores that have a good value for money. However, with my current photography style the shoes rarely make into the frame anyway.


You can see more of my Dollfie Dream and other photography on Flickr.

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