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Mako-chan & Touma, a love story of trap and reverse-trap

January 14, 2013

マコちゃんと冬馬…いいかんじ。うふふふ~ あ、妄想が止まらない!

Not a discourse on femininity, gender identity… but rather a foray into the mind of an otaku whose delusions about the token trap and reverse-trap in “Minami-ke” have gained such momentum that they have become a universe of their own. 妄想フェティッシュ~



Although firmly centered in the realm of fiction and entertainment, simply could not help myself when Mako-chan & Touma featured prominently in the second episode of “Minami-ke Tadaima”. かわいいすぎて…もう!

Isn’t letting one’s imagination run free part of the enjoyment? After all, Mako-chan and Touma would make such a great pairing, the most hilarious dysfunctional couple ever and traps to boot!

The important question that remains now is not where is my sanity? But more importantly, when will we see a spin off series starring Mako-chan & Touma?

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