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Ai Mai Mi

January 22, 2013

Based on the manga “あいまいみー” by Choboraunyopomi, this new series isn’t unlike “Mangirl!” considering it too is a four panel comic adaptation all about girls & manga. And along with “Yama no Susume” its episodes have a short running time of under five minutes.

Unfortunately, felt sorely disappointed by “Ai mai Mi”, so much that I didn’t even bother finishing the second episode. From the overall style used, the offbeat comedy to the mediocre animation by studio Seven, it all felt sub par.


Not even the good voice cast is enough to keep me watching, even though it has Kayano Ai voicing Ponoka, she also voiced Inori in “Guilty Crown”, Mayaka in “Hyouka” and Muginami in “Rinne no Lagrange”. Mii is voiced by Uchida Maaya who tackled roles like Rea in “Sankarea” and Rikka in “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai”.

Uchida Aya voices Mai, she previously voiced Shizuka in the “Strike Witches” movie and Ascoeur in “Kiddy Girl-and”. Ai is voiced by Outsubo Yuka who also voiced Kyouko in “Yuru Yuri” and Kurei in “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san”.

Unfortunately cannot bring myself to recommend this series to anyone. You can try it at your own volition but I doubt you will find it enjoyable.

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