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Tamako Market art by Ikari Manatsu

February 20, 2013

Ever since having come across the cute illustrations of the けいおん girls by 碇 マナツ (Pixiv), try to keep an eye out for this artist’s latest works as he frequently updates Pixiv with new illustrations.

Considering Ikari Manatsu seems quite adept and fond of rendering characters in the typical style that studio Kyoto Animation used for the various girls in “K-ON!”, it is not unexpected that he might draw the girls of “Tamako Market”.


ポッキーですか? なるほど…やはり史織ちゃんを食べたい~

While the focus seems to be on the irresistibly cute Shiori -which I can only applaud- the artist also created various illustrations of Anko, Midori and Kanna. Only images of Tamako herself seems to still be missing though.



While there’s a few more daring images of Shiori, including one of her inspired by the haunted house episode and one from bath house scene, overall most of Ikari Manatsu’s art is rather benign and wholly oriented on being cute.


Next to all those illustrations of characters from “K-ON!” -with a definite penchant for making illustrations of Nodoka- he also creates images of characters from “Working!!”, “To Aru Kagaku No Railgun”, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” or “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga nai.


Do quite like this image of a stern looking Midori. Wonder how her character will evolve, is there more to her? Might she have feelings for Tamako?

Or will nothing come of the few implicit suggestions they made early on? Personally am rooting for a yuri development though.


史織ちゃん~ 鼻血… 大丈夫です! このサイズもいいですし。

You can see more of Ikari Manatsu’s lovely art on Pixiv.

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