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Shizuko in Volks Sailor Uniform

March 8, 2013

Previously already posted a few teaser photos of Dollfie Dream Shizuko in school sailor uniform, it is now time to share the rest of the captures snapped of her in this specific attire.

A typical style of Japanese school uniform, the セーラー服 was originally modeled after 19th century European sailor outfits and has attained much fame in the anime otaku sphere , firmly claiming a favorite place among the various uniform styles.

Shizuko in school sailor uniform

Could not omit acquiring one of Volks’ latest interpretations of the sailor uniform to it try out on my Dollfie Dream, opted for the more default white and blue version instead of the all black model for more versatility.

Shizuko in school sailor uniform

While the first and last photos showcased in this post were taken using the bright light of the morning or late afternoon sun, for high contrast of light & shadow, also snapped quite a few like these in indirect light which coupled with lots of bokeh creates a very soft looking image.

Shizuko in school sailor uniform

Back when I bought the uniform from the Volks international website last year, took the opportunity to also acquire a few other items, including a DDS-A-01 arm set and a DDII-B04 size L shapely bust which were used to upgrade Shizuko with.

Shizuko in school sailor uniform

Although it’s labeled as a DDS part and is listed on the DDS specific webpage at Volks, the DDS-A-01 arm set seems to be the same model as those used for DDIII and they will actually fit fine on a DDII too. Do appreciate how these arms offer increased mobility and a more sleek shoulder aesthetic.

Shizuko in school sailor uniform

Next to be in school sailor uniform look is Atsuko, hope to capture and share some photos of her in it soon.

You can always see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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  1. March 13, 2013 11:40 pm

    Like the first shot the most :3

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