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Dollfie Dream gathering at Made in Asia 5

March 18, 2013

Aside from working with the Good Smile Company crew at their booth during Made in Asia 5 and of course taking some time to visit the event itself with its various alleys of booths, clubs & cultural displays, also participated in a Dollfie Dream gathering.

Initiated by the comrades from Shadonia under the banner of Danep, over ten Dollfie Dream were featured on display on a dedicated table at the Shadonia booth during the entire weekend.

Dollfie Dream gathering by Danep forum at the Shadonia booth during Made in Asia 5

Participated by bringing some of my own Dollfie Dream to display, brought Atsuko & Shizuko on Saturday and switched to Kyouko & Yoko on Sunday. That last day of the event several DD sported kimono or similar garments inspired by traditional Japanase clothing.

Being able to display some of my Dollfie Dream in itself was great, but what made the experience terrific was interacting with the other doll owners, sharing thoughts & experiences on the hobby.

Shadonia's Miki

A photo of Shadonia’s Miki, a Volks Marisa Kirisame type.

The dedicated table offered a good view to visitors of the various dolls as well as being properly cordoned off. Was told by the Shadonia crew that many visitors inquired about the dolls, great exposure for the Dollfie Dream hobby.

Shadonia's Yuki

Shadonia’s Yuki, an irresistibly cute Volks Saber Alter 2nd version.

If I were to lament anything from that first experience with a Dollfie Dream display at a convention, it would be the poor lighting conditions and my lack of flash or other suitable lighting equipment to make better photos.

Shadonia's Kairi

A photo of Shadonia’s Kairi, a custom Volks DDH06 type.

Using a tripod to enable stable long exposure times could have helped, but that would have meant disrupting visitors’ access to view the dolls. During the instances that I went to take photos of them throughout the weekend, there were always visitors snapping some photos.

Wib's Ayumi

Wib’s Ayumi, an SQ Labs head on a Volks body.

Many thanks to the comrades at Shadonia and Danep for allowing me to participate in their Dollfie Dream display at Made in Asia, it was a memorable experience. Hope to be able to participate in other similar events in Europe and perhaps someday even in Japan?

Dollfie Dream gathering by Danep forum at the Shadonia booth during Made in Asia 5

You can check out Shadonia’s DD photography on their website or visit Danep, a French forum dedicated to Dollfie Dream.

For more Dollfie Dream photography or photos of the Made in Asia event, you can also visit my Flickr photostream.

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