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April 19, 2013

Adapted from the original “あいうら” yonkoma manga by Chama, adored “Aiura” from the first minute thanks to its wonderful leisurely slice-of-life atmosphere peppered with silly comedy.

Don’t let the eclectic opening featuring crabs and Steve Jobs fool you, while that particular sequence is as random and silly as the comedic genius seen in “Nichijou”, the bulk of the episode itself feels more akin to the mood in “Tamayura ~Hitotose~” or this season’s “Yuyushiki”.


Where the second episode showcases Ayuko, Saki and Kanaka meeting on the first day of school which leads to silly verbal banter, the first episode that focuses on Ayuko going out a nice spring day is simply enchanting.
Of course Ayuko being irresistibly cute does help set the mood. ああ、歩子ちゃんに抱きしめたい~

If I were to fault “Aiura” anywhere it would be for the length of its episodes which at barely 4 minutes running time are far too short. A shame that lovely slice-of-life series like “Aiura” or last season’s “Yama no Susume” only get such short episodes as they deserve a full season of regular length episodes.

The main voice cast seems to be comprised of fairly new or not well known voice talents, with cute Ayuko voiced by Tamaru Nao, tall Saki voiced by Iida Yuko and energetic Kanaka is voiced Nakajima Yui.

Sakura Ayane voices class representative Yanase, she also voiced Marii in “Joshiraku”, Merry Nightmare in “Yumekui Merry”, Akane in “Vividred Operation” and Miyabi in “Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru”.


While studio Liden Films is credited with the overall production, looks like many other studios contribute with animation judging by information found online. The animation is actually really good, this makes me wonder what a larger studio with a bigger budget could have meant for this series.

If you like watching cute girls their daily slice-of-life silliness about nothing and liked shows such as “Nichijou”, “Daily Lives of High School Boys” or “Yama no Susume” then definitely watch “Aiura”.

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