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Tsukiko *white*

April 26, 2013

Considering with the start of the new season the most recent blog posts are all focused on anime, it is time for a change by showcasing a photo series of Dollfie Dream Tsukiko.

In this particular set of captures Tsukiko is primarily clad in white garments, hence labeled its theme as ‘white’, which also suits the lunar reference in her name 月子 rather well.


Using white clothing on a white skin body type Dollfie Dream can be quite tricky considering the actual photo result could easily look off and make the skin hue seem too yellow.


Tsukiko is clad in a white top made by Puppy52Dolls fashion, a hooded sweater by Nightfallwalker, the jeans and underwear are from Dollmore.
A simple, casual clothing style which am personally rather fond of, such garments can be conveniently versatile.


The lighting and white balance need to be spot on for a white skin Dollfie Dream to look good in white clothes. Used soft, indirect light for this photo shoot so the biggest challenge I faced was getting the white balance correct and not process it into an image result with too much of a yellow or pink hue.


Was quite impressed by recent venture of comrade Haku1923 in displaying his lovely Dollfie Dream Aura in casual clothing.
Next to her overall look being irresistibly cute, was especially impressed how the various accessories, jewelry and hair style all suit her well. Will need to study and experiment more with similar accessories.


Next up are a photo set of Kyouko and another set of Tsukiko which I have yet to process. Do want to snap new photos of Yoko, Shizuko or Atsuko but am lacking inspiration.
Wonder if I should cull a bit in the wardrobe of available outfits for my Dollfie Dream and sell those I no longer use to make room for new items.


You can always view more of my photography on Flickr.

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