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Ghost in the Shell Arise

May 17, 2013

A new promotional video titled ‘Decode 501file’ was released revealing more about the new upcoming chapter in the 攻殻機動隊 franchise.

Judging by what has been shown so far, “Ghost in the Shell Arise” will tell the story of how Section 9 came to be and show the life altering encounter of Motoko Kusanagi with Aramaki Daisuke, Batou, Togusa and the other future Section 9 members.

Consisting of four episodes of 50 minutes each, “Ghost in the Shell Arise” will premiere next month in cinemas in Japan. The BluRay and DVD versions have been slated for release shortly after in July.

Interesting note, lead character Motoko Kusanagi will not be voiced by Tanaka Atsuko who voiced the major in all of the movies, anime seasons & OVA episodes. Instead, Sakamoto Maaya will voice this younger incarnation of Motoko, she actually already voiced the younger version of Motoko in the original “Ghost in the Shell” movie.

As a fan I can hardly wait for this new story in the GitS world, though am curious to see if it will diverge from what has already been shown in “Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex 2nd Gig” about the origin of some of the characters.

You can watch the earlier promotional video here on the Youtube GITSChannel.

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