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Dollfie Dream meeting with the Shadonia crew and friends.

May 20, 2013

Last March, had the opportunity to meet the Shadonia crew and some of their friends in person when I got to contribute displaying Dollfie Dream at their booth during the Made in Asia 5 event.

Since meeting fellow Dolfie Dream owners in person at Made in Asia was an excellent experience, simply couldn’t pass up on participating in a cozy Dollfie Dream meeting held at the Shadonia otaku lair yesterday.

Shadonia's Yui

Shadonia’s Yui, a Volks Sakura Shinguji that looks very cute in her new look.

Had lots of fun chatting about the Dollfie Dream hobby and the otaku life, snapped photos of the various and irresistibly cute DD assembled and got treated to some delicious Japanese curry. It was a terrific day!

Shadonia's Kairi

Shadonia’s Kairi, based on a Volks DDH06 head.

Although tending to the individual look of five Dollfie Dream requires sufficient suitable clothing for each, decided to part with some of the outfits that I own. A few already found new purpose in adorning Shadonia and Jaybi their DD girls.

Shadonia's Sora

Photo of Shadonia’s Sora, originally a Volks Nanoha.

Might miss some of the gear parted with, but feel it is time to make room for new outfits, hope this will also enable me to grow and evolve in the Dollfie Dream hobby.
Seeing some sets find happy new owners and adorn other DD actually feels rather rewarding.

JayBi's Ayako

JayBi’s Ayako, a Volks Aoko Aozaki who looks the part as a school nurse or scientist.

Since Made in Asia, JayBi has been lured into the Dollfie Dream hobby, so it was really nice to meet his first two DD acquisitions, Ayako and Saya. Really nice to see other people join this hobby.

Shadonia's Yuki

おかえりなさい~ ご主人さま~

Shadonia’s Yuki looks simply adorable in Volks’ stylish maid set. Also having a Saber Alter 2nd version with Tsukiko, it is interesting to see and experience how different that model can look with another set of eyes, wig and other fashion style.

My Yoko and Shadonia's Kairi

Brought Atsuko & Yoko along to display, seems that Yoko got along rather well with Kairi… wonder what more shoujo-ai shenanigans those two could have been up to?

For more photos of the various Dollfie Dream at this small meeting between DD comrades, you can visit my Flickr photostream.

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  1. May 22, 2013 7:07 pm

    The Sakura Shinguji does look nice; I think her character model is a little overlooked in default settings. Glad to see you had a nice time and meetup with the Shandonia crew!

  2. May 22, 2013 7:51 pm

    True, hadn’t paid much attention to the Sakura Shinguji DD but in that look she’s lovely. ^^


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