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New wig styling for Dollfie Dream Kyouko

July 22, 2013

Always adored the look of this champagnebrown color wig from LeekeWorld on Kyouko but often struggled to properly style it due to the long forehead bangs.

Until a few weeks ago, after finding inspiration in photos of similar looking wigs on other Dollfie Dream, taking some crude measurements and applying a protective face mask, took trimming scissors to cut into the bangs.

Kyouko white

Quite pleased with the result so far, although may tweak this new styling in the future, do want to avoid overdoing it, lest the wig get ruined. Took care to never cut straight lines but make different cuts of small strands each, resulting in slightly different lengths to keep a more natural overall look.

Although there’s many characters in anime, manga or art illustrations that look fantastic with straight cut hairlines, only rarely does it work out well on a Dollfie Dream wig.

Kyouko white

Have observed that Dollfie Dream comrades like Haku1923 whom successfully venture in such wig styling seem to cleverly use angled lines or slight height variations to avoid perfectly straight lines, keeping a realistic and convincing look on their Dollfie Dream.

Kyouko white

Do not particularly plan on delving more into handling scissors for Dollfie Dream wig styling, always preferred to use wigs that do not require any cutting but can instead simply be styled by using a brush and some Volks Wig Oil or Volks Water Wax.

Kyouko sunrise

In a previous post covering a parcel of goods from Cool Cat that had arrived, added some hints regarding ongoing Dollfie Dream plans but due to an unfortunate setback, completion of that project has been significantly delayed.

Kyouko sunrise

Regardless, have plenty more photos of my other Dollfie Dream girls coming up soon.
You can see more of my photography on Flickr.

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