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Servant x Service

July 24, 2013

Had not planned on picking up “Servant x Service” when I originally saw it advertised in the summer season line up. However, after reading positive comments about the series and having a free slot since I decided not to follow “Gatchaman Crowds”, decided to try out this show.

Based on the “サーバント×サービス” manga, its similarity in style and atmosphere to “Working!!” should come as no surprise considering both original manga are written and drawn by Takatsu Karino.


Considering I adored the “Working!!” anime, chances of “Servant x Service” appealing to me were quite high and after watching the first three episodes in quick succession, must say I will keep on watching this hilarious comedy.

Indeed its overall feeling is very close to “Working!!”, it is a solid anime filled with jokes and comedic situations nearly always caused by the shenanigans of its quirky characters.

With its daily life while working at a government office environment, the series not only relies on that setting to produce lots of gags, but the gathering of oddball characters interacting with each other and the public always leads to funny situations.

Do wonder if those working in the government sector do experience similar situations as those seen in this show, no doubt some events like getting chewed out by citizens are likely daily occurrences for some in the public sector.


Although “Working!!” is also set in the service industry by showing the daily life of a family restaurant’s quirky staff, it does seem “Servant x Service” shows more interaction of its main cast with their customers compared to “Working!!” which largely dealt with the staff’s silly shenanigans among themselves.

Overall animation by A1 Pictures is decent to good, the visual style used by the studio is very close to that of “Working!!” and the other series they produced though it does feel a little less polished than their work on “Vividred Operation” or “Sword Art Online”.

Bespectacled Lucy is voiced by Kayano Ai, who voiced Mashiro in “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo”, Inori in “Guilty Crown”, Muginami in “Rinne no Lagrange”, Mayaka in “Hyouka” and also voices Kanae in this season’s “Tamayura ~More Aggressive~” as well as Karila in “Stella Jougakuin Koutouka C3-bu”.

Nakahara Mai voices shy Saya, she’s tackled roles like Zakuro in”Otome Youkai Zakuro”, “Nagisa in “Clannad”, Mai in “My HiME”, Rena in “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni” and Nagisa in “Strawberry Panic”.


Chihaya is voiced by Toyosaki Aki, she also voiced Yui in “K-ON!”, Nako in “Hanasaku Iroha”, Yoshino in “Minami-ke”, Chitose in “Yuru Yuri”, Medaka in “Medaka Box”, Iori in “Kokoro Connect” and Uiharu in “To aru Kagaku no Railgun”.

Ookubo Rumi voices feisty tsundere Touko, she also voiced Chinatsu in “Yuru Yuri”, Tsumiki in “Acchi Kocchi”, Bontenmaru in “Oda Nobuna no Yabou” and Yuzuko in “Yuyushiki”.

If you enjoyed “Working!!” or fancy a fun comedy to watch, then do give “Servant x Service” a try!

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