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When magical girl meets maid

August 23, 2013

Type Moon gets it. When turning the serious member of a magical girl duo into a maid, complete with classical maid garb including white apron and headdress, the only proper result is of course a bevvy of yuri tinted scenes.

This week’s episode of “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya” definitely delivered in that aspect. When Miyu’s true occupation as a teen maid in service of Luvia is revealed, Illya gets feverish again, feverish for maid love!


Like the audience, Illya is unable to resist the moe appeal of usually stern Miyu who becomes rather dere dere now that her secret is out. Illya all to readily succumbs to her desires and pins Miyu down, the maid falling victim to the silver haired girl’s yuri affections.

Type Moon seems to have a solid grasp on how to cater to the fickle but predictable anime fan, offering us such explosive nosebleed inducing scenes. I approve! A continuation of those scenes shall be the plot of some hentai doujin, personally do hope the anime will keep delivering such comedic and ecchi yuri scenes.

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