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Volks Dollfie Dream Shibata chair No. 5

August 30, 2013

Although it already arrived some time ago and have been putting it to good use since, had not shared any photos yet of the lovely Shibata Chair No.5 (burgundy) scaled chair from Volks.

Originally spotted this chair in snapshots from other Dollfie Dream owners like Wolfheinrich and quite liked its design. Was able to see one in person at the Dollfie Dream meeting with the comrades from Shadonia earlier in May this year, which convinced me to get one.


Discovered that this particular model is actually not available at Volks International and while it is for sale at Volks USA, unfortunately this meant its sale is restricted to customers residing in the USA, Canada or Mexico.

However, with the aid of Dollfie Dream comrade Wolfheinrich, was nonetheless able to acquire this Volks chair, for which my thanks.


Not only is this scaled chair a terrific piece to use for Dollfie Dream photography, the Shibata Chair No.5 is one of Volks’ more moderately priced furniture items making it an interesting alternative to securely display a Dollfie Dream compared to a regular Volks stand.

As a single seat chair, it takes up less space than the two seat chairs Volks also offers.


Of course Tsukiko is the perfect candidate to claim this seat with the お嬢さまor lady character am trying to imbue her with. For this first photoshoot using the chair, opted to clad her in a new outfit with jeans from Nine9Style, a sleeveless black top, belt and hairband from Cool Cat.


Considering its more classic style and Tsukiko’s dark garments, processed many of the photos using a preset filter in Adobe Lightroom giving them an antique look.

You can see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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