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September 7, 2013


Just a few photos of Dollfie Dream Shizuko from an evening earlier this summer, taking advantage of the warm sunlight.


Worked on styling her wig in such a way that the shorter strands on the side bangs curve in more, to give Shizuko a more realistic look when her head is tilted as else the neck will look unnaturally long.


For these photos Shizuko is clad in a ruffled skirt from Nine9Style, shoes from Dollmore and some random shirt had acquired on eBay a long time ago as it cost but a few euro. Opted for that shirt since it suits the L shapely bust well.


Still do wish Volks offered smooth bust pieces and would increase their range with a size in-between the current M and L busts.
Should be possible considering they made an SS bust especially for Chihaya from the iDOLM@STER. Then again, it surely all depends on the marketability of such parts.



You can see more photos of Shizuko and my other Dollfie Dream on Flickr.

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