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Kantoku C84 doujin ‘Check in Summer’

September 20, 2013

For Comiket 84, artist Kantoku from the circle “Afterschool of the 5th Year” followed up on their book published at the previous summer Comiket edition with the new ‘Check in Summer’ doujin.

The book not only prominently features Kantoku’s signature mascot characters Kurumi & Shizuku, but there’s also plenty of illustrations of Hiromi, Kanna and Kei.


As the title suggests, the book is all about summer and check pattern clothing, hence it showcases all these cute girls wearing summer outfits with check patterns, from classic yukata and cute dresses to bikini or hot pants.


Around 15 pages thick, “Check in Summer” has several full page illustrations that not only show Kantoku’s talent for drawing check pattern clothing and cute girls, but also show the artist’s terrific use of light and shadow.


Typical for Kantoku’s books for Comiket and Comic1☆, this doujin also contains a few pages with black & white line art and pencil style sketches of various illustrations that were featured in other publications.


For those of you interested in acquiring Kantoku’s C84 book, you can purchase it at Toranoana.

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