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The glasses babe of the C3 club

September 27, 2013

ほのかちゃん…そのダイナマイト ボディーはちょうかわいいで、とてもボインです。デートしよう、デート!


Honoka was easily my favorite character in the C3 club. While Rento is cute too, Honoka being voiced by Saitou Chiwa easily pulls her to the top of the ranking and made up for the show’s lack of genuine yuri moments.


“Stella Jougakuin Koutouka C3-bu” was a decent series overall and I enjoyed watching it. In my own personal opinion though it failed to realize its full potential and fell short of the overall level reached by “Girls und Panzer”. It does surpass “Upotte!” thanks to its focus on humor and character interaction instead of ecchi content.

The lack of consistency seems a plausible cause, since many episodes would contain offbeat animation or fail to properly execute key moments in the interesting character development of Yura which ruins some strong scenes that plot did produce.

Overall it was still a nice show that can be recommended. In the meantime I shall replay some of those Honoka scenes. うふふふ~

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