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Enhancing a standard Dollfie Dream head by adding glossy lips

October 10, 2013

Always liked how most custom Dollfie Dream heads feature lips treated with a gloss finish, making them look more pronounced and lively. In comparison, the default and limited character Dollfie Dream heads from Volks usually have a matte finish which can make them look rather lackluster.

Often wished character heads like Yoko’s could have such glossy lips, all without the hassle of shipping them out to a face-up artist or have them fully customized.

In their guide on how to create one’s own custom Dollfie Dream head, Volks advertise the use of Tamiya X-22 clear acrylic paint to create such a glossy effect on Dollfie Dream lips. Reading this clear coat comes on top of any sealants applied, concluded it should also work on a limited character head.


Decided to try it myself, so I purchased a set of Tamiya X-22 clear gloss and a simple size 1 square brush by JR Products from a local scale modeling store.

After properly cleaning the to paint area to ensure it was oil and dust free, using gentle strokes I applied a thin coat of Tamiya X-22, taking care to stay within the already colored area or the lip sculpt. Applied a second and final coat after letting the first layer of acrylic paint set for 24 hours.

Seen here on a Sakura Shinguji head, am very satisfied with the result. It may not seem that flashy at first glance, but the difference with its default look is significant, making it a simple but worthwhile enhancement most people can manage to do themselves should they wish to.

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  1. October 21, 2013 12:34 am

    I really love the result !

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