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Strike Witches third season announced

October 13, 2013

Was pleasantly surprised when I read the news that a third season of the “Strike Witches” anime has been green-lit. Not only that, but an all new OVA episode titled “Operation Victory Arrow” has been announced as well.

After the original illustrations by Shimada Humikane spawned an anime adaptation of which the first season aired in 2008, followed by a sequel season in 2010 and a movie in 2012, was quite keen on seeing a new anime series of the “ストライクウィッチーズ” franchise.


Although am not familiar with the various manga or video game adaptations, do love the anime of this unique franchise. When last year’s movie suggested the witches’ story was not over yet, looked forward to the day we would get to see their new adventures.

Can hardly wait to see Yoshika and the girls of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing back in action, soaring through the skies! Do hope that other witches like Shizuka, Hanna-Justina, Heidemarie and Heinrike will appear in the new anime too.

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