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Valvrave the Liberator 2

October 15, 2013

While I didn’t watch “Valvrave the Liberator” when it originally aired in spring, did indulge in a marathon session to catch up with this sci-fi action show but a few months ago which left me in anticipation for its second season.

To be honest, wouldn’t label “Kakumeiki Valvrave” as a revolutionary or exceptional series, but it was a solid show that offered the typical elements of the genre, making it an enjoyable watch packed with mecha action and sci-fi thrills.


The series successfully combines typical elements from the genre, ranging from advanced mecha with unknown inner workings, intricate politics of war and betrayal, reluctant heroes burdened with an accursed power, to a mysterious faction scheming behind the scenes.

Continuing right where the first season left off, this sequel starts with what will no doubt prove to be a pivotal point in the story, as some of the mysteries surrounding the Valvrave and the Magus slowly begin to unravel.

From what was hinted at in the first season, do hope that this second season’s main plot will be well written out and really delve into how Haruto, L-Elf and their comrades use the Valvrave to lead a revolution that will rewrite history. With an entire season at their disposal, should be doable.

Although I expect good things from the story and various subplots, I have little hope that any of the characters will evolve in a surprising or interesting direction, considering they all are rather bland and deviate little from the default templates, even characters like L-Elf or Akira.

Animation by studio Sunrise is good but not exceptional, the studio obviously puts most care into the action scenes, mecha and character close-ups.

Following the energetic ‘Preserved Roses’ that was the first season’s opening track, TM Revolution and Nana Mizuki collaborate again on ‘Kakumeiki Dualism’ for this sequel. Am curious about the new ending song by Elisa. While I do enjoy the track ‘そばにいるよ’ she contributed for the first season, prefer the lively ‘僕じゃない’ by Angela more.


The entire voice cast seem to reprise their roles with Tomatsu Haruka voicing Saki, she also voiced Lala in “To Love RU”, Asuna in “Sword Art Online”, Anaru in “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai” and Ibara in this season’s “Coppelion”.

Shouko is voiced by Seto Asami who previously tackled roles like Konatsu in “Tari Tari”, Aoi in “Senki Zesshou Symphogear”, Lan in “Rinne no Lagrange” and Chihaya in “Chihayafuru”.

Akira, who will likely have more scenes in this second season, is voiced by Yuuki Aoi, she also voiced Madoka in “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, Tooru in “A Channel” and Victorique in “Gosick”.

Wonder if Liselotte will appear more this time, the opening and ending animation do suggest her character has significance, especially to L-Elf. She is voiced by Toyosaki Aki who is known for roles like Yui in “K-ON!”, Chitose in “Yuru Yuri”, Yoshino in “Minami-ke” and Uiharu in “To aru Kagaku no Railgun”.

Am looking forward to the next episodes, am curious to see where the story will lead. If you’re looking for a nice mecha series to watch, then do give “Valvrave the Liberator” a try!

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